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About Kanpo Chinese herbal medicine

Kanpo, sometimes spelt Kampo, is the Japanese version of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The word literally means Kan (Chinese) Po (way) and it is founded in the Chinese medicine classics, particularly the Shan Han Lun (Treatise on Cold). It is a little known fact that the cure for the common cold was invented 2000 years ago in China and is outlined in this ancient text. It isn't one cure though - it depends on how a person's body is responding to the virus that indicates what particular herbs are needed. The physician's skill is diagnosing the stage of illness and appropriate remedy.

In modern day Japan medicines are government regulated. The herbs are usually powdered and are convenient to take with an excellent safety record (in Japan and the UK).

Diagnosis is based on traditional methods, and leads to the identification of a 'sho' or pattern. Specific herbs are indicated as being needed. Some herbs act quickly whilst others may need long term use.

In Japan, Kanpo is used to treat a very wide range of conditions. Kanpo is definitely worthwhile considering for intransigent problems where conventional medicine has been of limited benefit - such as chronic fatigue or some digestive system problems - in my experience I have seen Crohn's disease patients that have responded well to a simple Kanpo digestive formula. The herbs can be used alongside conventional medications.  

Kanpo may also be worthwhile considering for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. I have personal experience of my eczema being successfully treated by Kanpo herbs, and it has never returned.

Often a combination of acupuncture and Kanpo is used to maximise potential benefits. 
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