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Toyohari Acupuncture

The gentle approach of Toyohari was developed in Japan where acupuncture was traditionally a profession for the blind.  In 1959 Kodo Fukushima, a blind Japanese acupuncturist founded the Toyohari Medical Association, which trained hundreds of sightless practitioners. There is a stronger emphasis on touch than other forms of acupuncture. It must be said the blind practitioners of Japan are inspirational teachers - generously sharing their passion and knowledge to enable practitioners that learn from them to use their sense of touch more effectively. The approach is similar to other ‘five element’ or ‘five phase’ styles such as ‘Meridian Therapy’ but the needle techniques are quite different. Toyohari practitioners use unique, specialised needle techniques that are gentle and non-invasive. Since the treatment is pain free and less invasive than other forms of acupuncture it is particularly suited to children and for those who are wary of needles. Like acupuncture, Toyohari can treat all sorts of health conditions but there are specific treatments for neck and shoulder problems unique to this approach.

Treatment is normally a very pleasant, relaxing experience. The patient usually remains fully clothed and the treatment lasts between fifteen minutes and one hour - with the practitioner constantly monitoring the patient to check that potentially optimum results have been obtained. A very important aspect of the treatment is the diagnosis, finding the correct fundamental imbalance in the person’s body – this is known as finding the sho (pattern). Other treatment is supportive and works on specific symptoms but if the correct sho is treated then the results are expected to be more effective and longer lasting.

Toyohari practitioners in the UK have already undergone an initial acupuncture training and learn Toyohari at a post graduate level. This involves a one year part time course in Holland led by Stephen Birch and Junko Ida and involving Japanese Toyohari teachers.

There are minimum requirements for ongoing study that must be undertaken for the practitioner to remain a member of the
Toyohari Association, which is accredited from Japan.

Using a teishin to stimulate an acupuncture meridian

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